The Last Blog

Not the penultimate, nor the previous, but maybe the final number in a series, The Last Supper with vulgarity, or better yet, the Perpetual.


I thought for a long time that the word “clusterfuck” was adequately charged to describe what it means, but it’s not up to the task these days, and I find myself dredging up Dante’s Eighth Circle of Hell for imagery.

I think here at the end of 2016, I’m ready to go full on Marxist-Black-Panther-nihilist.

So I’m going to write for the world again, like I did back in the day, because I’m not here to agree to disagree.  I don’t give a fuck about making intellectual peace with anyone who is immoral, willfully ignorant, or even just wrong.  I say fuck you if you think you know shit because you don’t.

Too stupid to realize you’re stupid.

I’m not here to change your wooden mind.  I’m here to knock you down and render you powerless.